Museum Corner ” Trial and Errors”

                                                               creative people in the society “never were” the version of someone else but of themselves!Normal is boring normal is zero creativity,its everywhere everyday reoccuring everytime Normal….well normal is not in my vocabulary! It was not easy to create this model pattern but I love challenges that make me reflect and make my imagination expand beyond the horizon.


This is one of the outfits I mentioned that can be exhibited but would rarely be worn in a normal occasion.. the sleeve pattern was inspired by a small pouch I once saw on an exhibition in Paris and I decided to create the same pleats on the collar.
It was interesting working on this and am definitely making the same outfit on different fabrics and colours to evaluate…


Well well well look at this beautiful amazing model and yes the outfit is striking on her!

         When I got the proposal from my academy ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO  to do a collaboration with the IIF students I decided to give this outfit a try, after all what did I have to loose?  I saw top models on designer’s outfits do photoshoots for big  magazines like Vogue and  look wonderful but can never be worn in a normal occasions so this was my take and I don’t regret it.


I was perplexed to see it fitted perfectly on the model! I had gone to the set with my “taylor’s toolbox” to pin in the necessary gaps  but it wasn’t necessary because the leather belt accessory played its role around the waist.


My next project is to do another fotoshoot on the same outfit with black model in a totally different concept!

In summary

  • This wasn’t a TRIAL & ERROR after all it turned out to be runway  product😉




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