Colours of the savannah


In my motherland this is what the sunset looks like .  I have been  feeling homesick lately so I decide to create a fantasy of what it looks like back home where my roots  lie.

This animal shade with an elaborated triangle collar with the shape of luo traditional hut, the light reflection on my portrait  mixing on the wall  to resemble the clouds in the blue sky.. is feeling of being home far away from home.

this is what motivated me on creating this outfit  ..had   the fabric lying around since last summer and just like most cases I come across unique but limited fabrics in stock and I never take chances of not finding them in the store so I purchase for future inventions.

Most animal print themes are  associated with black or  oriental models but this in this case I got the lightest model Liz who  perfectly fit in the mood.

when I met her on the set she looked reserved and low profile but as soon as the photoshoot began she unveiled in to a fantastic character! she picked up with good vibes, easy flexible natural and cooperative with the whole team she got to understand the outfit and play about with it at the same time getting in the mood of the photographer.

I have collaborated with the ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI FOTOGRAFIA in successful photoshoots and their organization is very professional.




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