Animal Print Culture

Amidst her calm gaze  in the darkness that  dominates the quiet jungle,  the distant  fire not only gives her warmth but also keeps away the predators of the it reflects the beautiful colours on her natural beautiful  skin! The jungle is  a habitat of different  types of creatures , good bad and ugly just like the song goes….

“sweet Dreams are made of these”

Everybody is looking for something be it good or bad

Whichever the situation she is not giving up! Don’t be fooled with that mischievous smile, the message is clear! The tiger is all awake and alert!

No way the intruder is crossing her territory,from the Sea the enemy gets trapped in the  mesh! At land  the snake and leopard are on guard! That’s how things go down in the animal kingdom “theme”

Then comes the porcupines , yes!  As attractive and smooth as they may appear,settled gracefully from the neck ,they have the most dangerous spikes you ever met in the savanna,If a porcupine feels threatened, it’s quills will stick up to deter potential , that’s actually the story behind this necklace. In 1998 a hunter dog showed up in my village home desperate in pain full of spikes , we took of the squills and medicated it despite the pain the quills had caused the dog I disobeyed the order to burn them down as they were beautiful. I secretly keep them safe until 2003 when I met a lady who was an expert of making jewelry with African materials….

The animal kingdom has so much to offer and that’s only if we keep our boundaries and not go disturbing and killing them. We can appreciate their beauty and worth by imitating their prints NOT KILLING THEM TO GET THE ORIGINAL.

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