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  • Native jewellery collection

    The making of these new arrivals in MOG Couture’s jewellery collection were inspired by the Tibetan ethnic group. I got to know about this tribe through their music which takes me to different dimentions while working, this made the story behind these amazing pieces is interesting… For a long time I wanted to go visit […]

  • Afroeuropean streetwear

    we don’t need a special occasion to drees up in a unique way…in the artistic world each day is a fashion show and every path we walk in be it day or night is a runway. This collection is of European style with ethnic touch defining and narrating the story of the African culture.

  • Ties that bind

    These creative fabric accessories were used in the photoshoot campaign to STOP VIOLENCE against women and children in different parts of the world. The strings represent the occurrence patterns of violence women and children experience on a daily basis and how difficult it is to breakthrough but with the hope that there will come a […]

  • Strings attatched

    This amazing  glamorous outfit with an outstanding crafty touch of strings uniting the gown from the collar zone to the shoulders. The storyline is that of the ties that binds our existence in the human nature. They can be positive or negative. each string determines the whole pattern and if one is removed it gradually […]

  • PROJECT// Create your style

    CREATE YOUR STYLE  Is a fashion project based on personalisation of style using creativity and elements  from diverse cultures globally to bring out our character or identity our place of origin on special occasions or daily endeavours.   For this edition of CREATE YOUR STYLE We are featuring on double tone Duffle coat both elegant […]

  • The masai of Cinisello Balsamo!

    Just before the summer break, we had organised a photoshoot at the cultural centre of cinisello Balsamo. Until the eve of the shooting the models turn up wasn’t satisfactory, so together with the photographer we went “model hunting” at the main square. Luck was not on our side as nobody was entering un our cast […]

  • Colours

    I would like to fill the world with  brightest and liveliest colours… Combine them in one emotion,the one I have within. Disruptive … Dramatic … energetic and vibrant! By encouraging the doubters and Making the stupid and the bullies give up. Smiling with blissful awareness , Aware of the strength I have inside … looking […]


    I got a call from the Kenyan Embassy in Rome requesting to share my contacts with an organisation….about the same time an Auditor associate of mine communicated to me about this organisation in Rome looking for collaborations with a fashion designer from Kenya.           It turned out that it was the same […]

  • Grattitude

    Towards the end of 2018 I organised a photoshoot for the fabric accessories I had been working on and had programmed to create a catalogue by the beginning of the year. Having participated on the Diaspora awards Italia earlier before I had met a fotographer from ivory coast who was covering the event and asked […]


    Towards the end of summer I became bored of creating new dress patterns!  the real reason was that i ran out of the hard paper that I normally use and I couldn’t find them from the stores nearby. As I ravaged in the leftover fabric bag trying to find a piece of material, a bulb […]

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