Multi ethnic accessories from recycled fabrics.

Towards the end of summer I became bored of creating new dress patterns!  the real reason was that i ran out of the hard paper that I normally use and I couldn’t find them from the stores nearby. As I ravaged in the leftover fabric bag trying to find a piece of material, a bulb lit up in my brain 💡💡💡

It occurred to me there and then that I could take a break from the dresses by diverting my creativity to a completely  different project  with less calculations and minimal  expenses.I took out all the left over pieces from all my previous dresses and believe me they were a lot.

It was so much fun seewing together long thin pieces of fabrics and dressing them in ropes.the best part was that I could work all night because there’s absolutely no noise and the different colours from all the fabrics were unbelievably amazing. How had I never thought of this before?
The ride had been real and very rope rope comes with its own idea. I lost count of  how many twist or turns or pulls I did entwining them in to all immaginabile shaped n sizes.Always try new ideas  you will be surprised at how many things you are capable of.


Fine way to end my 2018


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