Story behind the neoprene mesh collection


On my second year at the IMB in Milan. I had the assignment to create an evening gala gown. I got inspiration from a magazine which had an interesting detail on the upper was kind of challenging since the pattern required so many pieces but I didn’t mind.The first trial was on a sketch then on an ordinary fabric after which I made adjustments and when all was fitting 100% I had to go on the main fabric hunt. I didn’t want anything, ordinary”! ordinary has never been in my vocabulary! I had to make a research on a fabric that will be the symbol of my brand…. I visited almost all fabric &textile stores in Milan and was nearly settling for something I wasn’t satisfied with when it flashed before my eyes… It’s been there all this time, I had been touching all the fabrics around It whenever I visited Tessutti e Scampoli but I never saw it despite the fact that it was my favourite section I had never seen it! Its not that they had introduced it in store that day, ney ney! it had been there for as long as they can remember.
I was so exited I knew it was the one the moment I laid my eyes on it. Immediadely I asked the assistant to cut me a piece ”scampoli” to bring to my proffessor in the accademy for valuation. To my dismay she approved it and adviced on which fabric could be combined with it as a liner since its all mesh. That week my boat was rocking with exitement,i didn’t want to make any mistakes so I took notes of all the steps given by my prof while at the academy…at home I had all the urge to continue seewing but I was way too cautious because a very tiny mistake could lead to trashing away my beloved fabric.
When I did the first fitting for my outfit all the students on my sector came to see and the compliments made my head go haywire that joy was emmence and it made me even more determined! Our secretary Debora asked me if I would want my creation to be used for the fotoshoot that was to take place before the end of the accademic year and I didn’t hesitate to take part. I knew it was only the beginning, a model who isnt me was going to wear my outfit for a photoshoot and I would be watching as a designer….. did I say designer?
On the great day of the shooting I was nervous…. I went to the set and they introduced me to my model, I was clueless, didn’t know what to do or say, all my life in these situations there was always someone directing me on what to do but here the cards were turned, the makeup artist was preparing the model, the fotographers were busy stage setting and testing the lights , everyone was doing something but I was just there… when the time came for the shooting i was given the model…mmmm
I still remember shaking as I dressed her up, I was afraid to pull her hair, or get her skin zipped up etc. since I had mede the gown with my measurements it didn’t perfectly fit her and while on the set she had no idea of what to do…that gown required a lot of movements to bring out the beauty in it. I remember being so desperate I almost asked the photographer if I could pose instead… long story short when the pics were finally out I didn’t like not even a single one and that’s when I contacted a photographe for a paid fotoshoot, obvioursly being my own stylist and own model….madam boss this was the beginning of the MESH CRAZE



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